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From leaky roofs to damage from a storm, our exceptional Fort Walton Beach Roofing services can assist you with every facet of your roof. Contact Up 2 Code Roofing now and say hi to durable roofs.

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Whether it is hurricane damage or repair of a rotten old roof, atlas roof shingles can be perfect, no matter how severe the damage is. We are one of the most trusted atlas roof shingles dealers, and we would be more than happy to help revamp or build your roof, with high-quality shingles. The reason why many homeowners prefer buying these shingles is the fact that they are not just strong and durable, but also aesthetically appealing. The quality that we bring to the table certainly surpasses our competitors, and our skilled contractors ensure that the service standards meet and greet your expectations.

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Looking for new roofing options or want to repair damage to your old Atlas roof? It’s best to contact Atlas roof shingles dealers who are authorized and reliable. Depending on what your architectural needs are Atlas roof shingles can be installed in different ways. However, the installation cost increases, as you choose a more complicated and challenging design. You can also pick from our range of atlas roofing shingle colors; so that the roof matches the exterior walls and looks spectacular. In the case of roof shingle replacement, getting the right colors is crucial, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of colors to pick from. Along with that, we have different variants like atlas pinnacle shingles too.

Types of Asphalt Roof Shingles

You can opt for either of the following installation types as per your requirement:
Three-tab shingles installation
Architectural shingles installation
Slate shingles installation
Flat roof shingle installation
We boast of being one of the best roof shingles contractors. So, if you need a new roof, call Up 2 Code today!

Benefits Of Installing Atlas Roofing Shingles

As a prominent Atlas roof shingles dealer, we have different variants that are both aesthetically appealing and sturdy. Following are a few advantages of investing in Atlas roof pinnacle shingles:

Algae resistant:

Many roof shingle manufacturers offer algae-resistant shingles, but atlas roofing shingles are certainly a notch above. These shingles come with Scotchgard protector of 3M, which offers extra algae resistance. This protector is fabricated with a small number of copper granules that prevent the formation of black streaks that are a product of algae infestation. You also get a lifetime warranty against damage caused by algae with these shingles.

Recommend By Roofing Contractors:

There are many atlas roof shingles dealers and you can easily connect with a credible one for your requirement. However, this is not the reason why you need to invest in them. These shingles are recommended by roofing contractors too, considering that they are durable and can endure rough environmental conditions.

Wind Resistant:

The large nailing area along with a double adhesive sealant line makes atlas roofing shingles wind resistant. These shingles can easily endure wind speed as high as 150 MPH.


Atlas roofing shingles are cost-effective, considering the fact that they are durable. It’s a one-time investment that you will never regret. Many happy homeowners recommend this variant for roofing needs.

Why You Should Pick Us?

Are you considering shingle roof replacement? Great choice! Now all you need is a reliable atlas roof shingles dealer. Your roof is your home's protection, and it keeps you and your family safe. That's why you should not compromise and pick the best atlas shingle dealer. Here are a few reasons why you should choose us:
We are a certified
We are insured
environmentally friendly roofing options
We guarantee 100% satisfaction
We use premium quality shingles
We offer a lifetime warranty
We offer services at affordable rates
We provide emergency services 27*7

Costs And Estimates For Atlas Roof Shingles In Fort Walton

If you are looking for reliable yet affordable atlas roof shingles dealers, look no further. Contact Up 2 Code Roofing now. Though you should know there is no fixed pricing for roofing shingles. The cost would differ depending on the material and pattern you choose. Here are the factors affecting the prices.
Size of your roof
The type of roof you want
The complexity of the design
Required roofing materials
Labor costs

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    Our townhome community researched several roofers in the area, and Up2Code Roofing exceeded them all. They were ON TIME, reliable, honest, professional, and stood by their work. After such a great experience, we have used Up2Code Roofing for all of our rental property roofs and recommend them to all our friends and family!

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    Don and his team did an outstanding job with our full roof replacement in Fort Walton Beach. We needed some
    repairs due to wood rot as well as new shingles, and the end result was even better than I hoped for. Don's team
    was very professional and well organized. They got the job done in the timeline we wanted and they did an especially
    good job with site cleanup. I recommend this company, and I will absolutely call Up 2 Code again if I
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